The Radix Bowl 2021: Day Vs Night! Which Will Win?

Each February there’s an important bowl game  event that many people look forward to. There’s great action and energetic moments, and sometimes there can be some real sleepers. Whatever the outcome, it’s always a great bowl game. Are you thinking we are talking about the NFL’s Super Bowl? No, we’re talking about our Super Radix Bowl!

This years Radix Bowl features your two favorite products of 2020 going head to head in an epic battle: NeuroRoot Focus Plus vs Sleepy Bear Gummies. NeuroRoot Focus Plus brings the energy all day meanwhile Sleepy Bears are all about ultimate comfort and unwinding for good sleep. Which one will win the Radix Bowl?

All week long leading up to the super bowl we will have the live ticker on our website below showing off the sales stats for NeuroRoot Focus Plus and Sleepy Bears, based on how many of each are sold this week. You have your chance to do your part in helping one beat the other with each purchase you make. With our BOGO 50% sale for each product, you wind up being the winner at the end of the day!

The winner will be revealed Super Bowl Sunday along with the release of our latest video for Radix Remedies. Consider it our Super Bowl commercial! The winning product of the Radix Bowl will receive 50% off the entire week after the Super Bowl AND each person who participates will receive a special discount code for their next purchase. 

Restful Night

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