NeuroRoot Focus Plus Go Pack – 6 Count

NeuroRoot Focus Plus Go Pack – 6 Count


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NeuroRoot Focus Plus is designed for PEAK you and EASE of use! For the go getters’ always on the GO. We’ve taken all the things you love about NeuroRoot Focus, added some extras under the hood and made it easier to ingest than ever. When taken daily, NeuroRoot: Focus Plus promotes a brain function, memory development and a positive mood. 

In addition to CBD, NeuroRoot: Focus Plus contains caffeine and vitamin B6 for an extra boost of energy, Mucuna Pruriens extract which acts as a precursor to dopamine, citicoline to increase dopamine receptor densities, chlorophyll – which contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals and lastly lion’s mane mushroom to support peripheral neurogenesis. Mental fogginess meet your match!

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily. Take 45-60 minutes prior to experience desired effect.


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